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It takes only a few simpe steps to sell your own music. You don't have to pay anything to create your individual shop! The whole shop can then also be linked or added to as many personal sites as you want!
You are the boss!You can pick and choose your own prices. You can also offer whole seller your products and sell it to them a bit cheaper  (about 50 - 70 % of the sale price) so you can sell more stuff and get bigger exposure! Editing the design of the shop is also very easy with the tools that we offer and anything is customizable. You are in total charge of your sales and you can change or add your items at any time. But the best is that you keep all your own rights! What offers to you an easy checkout where customers pay online with money transfers,credit card or  paypal a webspace and the traffic for the items &  MP3's a preview option for every song (30 seconds) we also do all the ugly boring paper stuff like dealing with the GEMA etc.
Your advantages with runs on your band page (no portal) easy and fast set-up shop design is free and easy to configurable no start-up or member fees you chose your own prices we pay you directely deal with GEMA,accounting,shipping,returns,and bureaucracy total control over your offered products and you don't have to sign a contract sell your songs as MP3's right after you recorded them even without an own homepage  (like myspace)

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